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Digital Impact Network, ICT

Bern is no stranger to bitcoin, blockchain technology, cyber defence, digital sustainability, and ICT architecture. The federal city offers exciting digital networking, avant-garde innovation hubs and new convention formats.

The image shows a computer screen with source code highlighted in colour, indicating software development or programming.

In Bern, we have been able to observe an innovative, progressive spirit and broad know-how in the digitization industry for years. Over 3,700 companies can attest to that – Swisscom, be-advanced AG, BEDAG or IBM Switzerland, for example, important companies in the digitization cluster that have contributed greatly to the establishment of the high-quality competence centre. The association «Digital Impact Network» is also a vital part of the cluster. It was founded back in 1996 to strengthen information and communication technologies (ICT) in the Bern region. Today, the Digital Impact Network with its more than 240 members is an association of companies, public authorities, educational institutions and associations for the promotion of digitization in Bern.

Another key player in this highly important cluster is the Institute of Computer Science at the University of Bern. It comprises seven research groups:

  • Cognitive Computational Neuroscience (CCN)

  • Communication and Distributed Systems (CDS)

  • Computer Graphics Group (CGG)

  • Cryptology and Data Security (CRYPTO)

  • Computer Vision Group (CVG)

  • Research Center for Digital Sustainability (FDN)

  • Software Composition Group (SCG)

  • Logic and Theory Group (LTG)

In its research, teaching, and consulting, the Research Center for Digital Sustainability deals with relevant digitization topics that are moving, changing and shaping the world, such as blockchain or Smart City.  

For over ten years, the city of Bern has been the host of the international Startup DAYs, where the most promising start-ups, investors, corporates, support organizations and academia from all over the world meet and connect.

An overview of the digital world in and around Bern:

The federal city lets us dive into a progressive, ground-breaking, game-changing world of digitization: when organizing your visionary meeting, look to Bern to find excellent keynote speakers, innovative companies and involved, active authorities. The team of the Bern Convention Bureau provides interested event organizers with useful information and contacts from the fields of research and economy.

The perfect venues for successful events: convention centres with state-of-the-art technology that are open to new, exciting formats.