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Energy & Environment

Leading in the energy and environmental sector, with a large and diverse network of experts and numerous best-practise examples – Bern is the perfect choice for successful conventions on energy and environment issues.

The picture shows a wind turbine labelled "JUVENT" in a rural landscape at sunset. Two people are standing on top of the wind turbine, indicating maintenance work.

Bern is ahead of the game in the fields of energy and protection of the environment in Switzerland. For years, the city has been committed to a sustainable use of energies and resources, which is why, in 2019, it was awarded the label «Energiestadt GOLD» for cities that meet particularly high standards. There are over 400 companies in Bern with some 6,000 employees that have expert knowledge in the fields of energy and environment, and the Federal Office for Energy and the Federal Office for the Environment have their headquarters in Bern.

The city is also considered to be the centre of European climate research: numerous institutions in and around Bern are dedicated to this topic specifically. The Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of Bern, for example, which does research on the climate system and its interaction with society and the economy. This research is a substantial contribution to the University of Bern’s focus on sustainability. The strong commitment of the University of Bern to the protection of the environment spans across all its institutions. At the end of 2019, the «Wyss Academy for Nature» was founded at the University of Bern, a globally leading research and implementation centre in the field of humans and nature.

In addition to the hugely successful research institutions, Bern is also hone to an internationally active energy provider: BKW, the international energy and infrastructure company. The «Technical Visits» to the company’s hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants offer interesting practical examples and are an exclusive addition to any conference agenda. BKW is also in charge of the first nuclear decommissioning of a Swiss nuclear power plant and has thus been doing exciting pioneering work since December 2019.

And the «Mobiliar Lab» shows just how well research and economy work together in Bern: the joint research initiative of the Swiss insurance company and the Oeschger Centre investigates and quantifies climate risks and natural hazards as well as their effects and does spatial renderings of these phenomena.

In Bern, the expertise in the fields of environment and energy is extensive, well-founded and diverse, so there are countless options for exciting presentations and renowned guest speakers at your event! The Bern Convention Bureau offers competent support.