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Medicine & Life Sciences

In the fields of medicine and life sciences, Bern is innovative, interdisciplinary and ready. The perfect setting for an event on these topics. The city offers an abundance of knowledge, know-how and competent speakers.

A view of the modern city district of Bern with a foreground of glass buildings and a background showing the majestic Alps conveys an atmosphere of progress and the harmony of city and nature.

Thanks to the University of Bern, which, along with its Faculty of Medicine, is already amongst the top 100 in the world, the federal city has established itself as the Swiss centre of cutting-edge medicine. Top medical and scientific performances are delivered in the fields of biomedicine, medical engineering, neuropsychology, host-pathogen interaction and physical and mental health. Bern is a nationally and internationally renowned site for research and teaching in the field of health and medicine and provides the ideal technical, professional and scientific prerequisites for events in the fields of medicine and life sciences.

Over 102,000 people in around 9,000 companies and institutions in and around Bern are active in this sector, including internationally active SMEs and various global corporations. The highly innovative working environment is showcased, for example, in the "sitem-insel", the Swiss Institute for Translational and Entrepreneurial Medicine. As a national competence centre, it supports the transition from research results or prototypes to marketable products.

Anyone planning a medical convention or an event on life sciences issues in Bern will benefit from the interdisciplinary and innovation-driven environment!