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Sport Infrastructure & Institutions

Be it for world championships, niche sports or scientific monitoring: thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent accessibility and broad expertise, Bern is the ideal host when it comes to sporting events.

The Wankdorf stadium is bathed in the golden glow of a setting sun, creating a feeling of anticipation and quiet expectation for the next match on the green pitch.

Sporting Events in Bern – successfully won candidacies

With its high level of expertise, excellent infrastructure for (almost) all sports and its inhabitants’ enthusiasm for sport, Bern has long established itself as a city for sports. From soccer and ice hockey to track and field – many of the regional teams and athletes are the best at what they do and are regularly rewarded for it, as was the case in the year 2019, when the title “Swiss Champion” went to not one, but two Bernese teams: the soccer team BSC Young Boys and the ice hockey team SCB.  

But the federal city is not only a popular host for major sporting events such as the 2008 European soccer championships or the 2009 ice hockey world championships – competitions for juniors and niche sports are also actively supported by the authorities and the locals. So if you are planning a world championship for junior floor hockey or a fencing world cup, keep Bern in mind as a possible host.

A candidacy, and with it the awarding of a large-scale sporting event, is preceded by years of work, evaluations, and discussions with associations.

Thanks to our comprehensive experience and extensive know-how and our networking role, we bring together the different stakeholders and players and host countless attractive sporting events in Bern. Here are some of the highlights we are looking forward to:

Sports event planned?

Portrait Busato Isabelle
Isabelle Busato
Project Manager Business
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Mischa Niederl
Head of Bern Convention Bureau

EuroGames 2023

Four days full of sport and excitement for more diversity and inclusion: the EuroGames are a multi-sport event that focuses on equal rights for LGBT athletes. The event has been organised by the European Gay and Lesbian Federation and has been held in a different European city every year for almost 30 years. The coveted medals are contested in various disciplines, such as badminton, floorball and athletics. We are delighted that the city of Bern was able to host this sporting highlight in 2023 and thus set an example for acceptance - our commitment made a significant contribution to the successful bid. Around 3,000 participants were expected.

2023 IFSC Climbing World Championships

For the third time, the who’s who of the international climbing scene will meet in Switzerland: From the 2nd to the 13th of August 2023, Bern will host the Climbing World Championships. In cooperation with the Swiss Alpine Club SAC and the two World Cup organizers Meiringen and Villars, Bern Welcome submitted its candidature and was able to prevail over the bids from South Korea and China. We are very much looking forward to welcoming the world's best climbers in the Federal city. In the course of eleven days, the athletes will compete in the categories bouldering, lead climbing, and speed climbing in the PostFinance Arena.

Equestrian Championat 2024

7 days of elegance, strength, and skill in harmony with a horse’s movements: the 2024 Vaulting World Championships are coming to the PostFinance Arena in the heart of Bern. It is the first time since 1986 that an equestrian Championat takes place in Switzerland, providing a platform for a sport that is fascinating for young and old alike.

UEFA Women's Euro 2025

16 Teams, over 700,000 tickets, 60 hotels, 8 stadiums – one of which is Bern’s Wankdorf Stadium. The 2025 UEFA Women’s EURO will take place in Switzerland, and we are looking forward to a summer filled with sport, excitement, and fun. Bern is proud to be a co-host of the first UEFA Women’s EURO, which will not only be an unforgettable sporting event but also take a stand for equality and inclusion – #goals.

Our services

The Bernese arenas are suited for nearly everything:

  • Stadion Wankdorf
    Thanks to the artificial turf, the soccer stadium can be used for all kinds of sporting and business events, concerts and more.

  • PostFinance Arena
    The ice hockey stadium has room for 17,000 spectators.

  • CBA Curling Rink
    The large arena has eight rinks and can be used as a multi-purpose hall in the summer.

  • Sporthalle Wankdorf Bern
    A multi-purpose hall suited for all indoor sports such as floor hockey, handball, basketball or fencing. Seating for up to 2,500 spectators.

  • Mobiliar Arena
    A multi-purpose hall mainly for handball, with room for 1,450 seated and 900 standing.

  • Allmend Sports Ground
    The facility consists of four fields with natural grass, two fields with artificial turf, a baseball, rugby and frisbee field, a hammer throw field and the open meadow (“Allmend”).

  • Wankdorf Track and Field Arena
    With a grandstand that seat 700 spectators, a timekeeping office and training and meeting rooms, this facility is perfectly equipped for track and field events.

  • Swiss Bike Park Oberried
    Unique training and testing track for bike riders in a rural setting.

Further sports facilities can be found on

In addition to its versatile infrastructure, Bern also offers broad expertise in the matter. There are numerous different organizations that examine the scientific, political or economic aspects of sport. The Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO), for example. Its headquarters are located about an hour outside of Bern, in Magglingen, along with the National Sports Centre and the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport (SFISM), amongst others. All of the main Swiss sporting associations – including Swiss Olympic, Swiss Curling, Swiss Ice Skating, the Swiss Football Association and Antidoping Switzerland – are also based in the federal city.

The Institute of Sport Science (ISPW) at the University of Bern completes the circle of sporting experts and is predestined to provide scientific monitoring at sporting events. The institute also organizes the interdisciplinary colloquium «Berner Gespräche zur Sportwissenschaft» («Bernese Conversations about Sports Science») to promote the exchange between different players in the field. And it cooperated with the Institute of Sports Science at the University of Tübingen to conceptualize the doctoral programme «Interdisciplinary Sports Science», one of the few internationally oriented doctoral programmes in sports science.

The broad sporting expertise in the federal city is ideal for providing scientific monitoring at sporting events, developing exciting and innovative research projects or completing events with interesting presentations and talks.

Interested associations should contact the Bern Convention Office as soon as possible to receive the best possible support during the entire process, from evaluation and candidature all the way to the completion of their sporting event in the federal city.