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In a modern co-working space from Regus in Bern, subdued lighting creates a focussed but relaxed atmosphere while two people are engrossed in their work on laptops.

Our 10 favourite co-working spaces

Published: 24.05.2024

Nowadays, an office is wherever you can find a power outlet, a place to sit and a table. Get out your mouse, open your laptop and type away. These are our ten favourite hiding places for people who love variety, co-workers and digital nomads.


In the past, this place smelled of freshly printed paper. Today, brainstorming and networking are happening. In the heart of the popular Länggasse neighbourhood, an old printing house has been transformed into a feel-good co-working space. Their motto is «Work near home» – instead of «Work from home». Traces of the building’s history are not erased but highlighted; for example, old printing plates are used as room dividers. In addition to 24/7 access, personal storage space and lockers, Sennlab also has a meeting room for joint use, a garden terrace and as many hot drinks as you like.

Impact Hub Bern

«Where Change goes to work» – at Impact Hub Bern you won’t only find flexible workspaces, modern office infrastructure, and meeting, workshop or event rooms for innovators, but also a community that is eager to network and create as well as implement ideas. If you’d rather just work by yourself and go home, you might want to look elsewhere. However, if you’re ready for a connection, it only takes one click of the mouse to become a member and buy a co-working card so you can return on a regular basis. Or you can buy a day pass every now and then.

Regus Co-Working

By the hour, day or month, for individuals or entire teams – the Regus Co-Working Space gives you exactly what you need. And it’s only a five-minute walk from Bern main station. The workspaces are simple but ultra-modern, with a spectacular view over the federal city – now that’s how you concentrate on being productive. And once it’s time for a break, you will find everything your co-working heart desires in the cafeteria, and the stylishly furnished lounge is sure to help you relax.

Altes Pfarrhaus Muri

Creaking wooden floors, simple furnishings, warm wall colours, wood cladding – you can’t help but feel at home in this former vicarage. This popular meeting place in the Bernese suburb of Muri welcomes all generations, and unites cultures, world views and coffee lovers as well as hard-working people with a penchant for quiet places and authentic company. The small but exquisite co-working space provides a lovely environment for your mind and body as well as a comprehensive work infrastructure, delicious coffee, and fresh fruit and snacks from the in-house garden.

Innovationsdorf Bern

Looking for an inspiring place where strong collaboration and innovation flourish? A little birdy told us that creative minds and entrepreneurs are meeting up in the rooms of the former Wifag in Bern’s Wyler neighbourhood to develop social business ideas. The Innovation Village consists of 2’500 square metres of workshop rooms and co-working spaces to carry out your creative work; all of it decorated in industrial chic and overlooking the Bernese Alps and the Jura.

ZID Bernapark

Taking the bright orange RBS train just a few minutes out of Bern's city center and getting off at the «Deisswil» station, you would have once stood in front of an old cardboard factory. Today, only a sky-scraping industrial chimney and a few factory facades left standing remind us of times long past. The Bernapark site is all about progress and has not only become a hip residential district, but is also home to the Center for Innovation and Digitalization ZID, a paradise for developers and out-of-the-box thinkers. Anyone entering openspace walks across a runway and is infected by the prevailing atmosphere of departure at the reception gate. ZID is the place where innovative co-workers land and good ideas take flight.

Workspace Bärenplatz

In the 15th century, you would have come to the Bärenplatz to watch the bears in the former bear pit. Today, you can find the smart «Workspace Bärenplatz» here – only a three-minute walk away from Bern main station and the parliament. This central location in Bern is where self-employed people, networking enthusiasts and members of parliament come to work and exchange ideas. The building’s history is not only visible but tangible – the old parquet floors and slightly arched walls give the rooms their special charm. However, they’re the only reminders of the olden days. Because when it comes to the infrastructure in the meeting, event and workshop spaces, the Workspace Bärenplatz is firmly rooted in the present.

Stellwerk Bern

«Dr Ender isch dr Gschwinder» («the early bird catches the worm») is the motto in the cultural centre Stellwerk Bern. The four stylish, centrally located spaces – integrated into the club – are in high demand and booked up quickly. On some days, the Stellwerk is a club, but when it’s not, it’s a bistro and a paradise for people who work from everywhere. Because of the stylish furnishings, a calming colour concept and a varied vegetarian menu, the Stellwerk immediately feels just like ho… er, the office.

Ahoi Bollwerk

Going for a swim at work and keeping your kids on their toes? That’s where the Ahoi Bollwerk drops its anchor. The centrally located co-working space anticipates your every wish. Ahoi Bollwerk not only provides workplaces with everything you need, but also a daycare centre to take care of your little ones. This jack-of-all-trades among Bern’s co-working spaces also caters to your culinary needs. Don’t feel like cooking or eating out? Just sit down at the lunch table with your children. Ahoi Bollwerk exclusively serves fresh, seasonal and healthy food. If you’re not from Bern but planning a longer stay in the federal city, Bollwerk 21 offers long-term accommodations for individuals, couples and families from all over the world.


The Effinger isn’t just a café and plant home with the charm of a city flat, but also a popular co-working space. If you’re fed up with your home office, the Effinger, located in the heart of Bern, has the community for you. The place spans across four floors and is equipped with a coffee bar, kitchen with a microwave, Wi-Fi, printer, meeting corner and two sun terraces – a veritable playground for young entrepreneurs, creative minds and other kinds of world changers.