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The picture shows the idyllic barbecue site at the Mutzbach Falls in Riedtwil in a green, lively valley. A wooden plaque in the foreground presents a dedication or information, while in the background two people appear to be busy around a fireplace, perhaps preparing for a meal. A simple wooden shelter in the right-hand section of the picture offers protection and storage space for firewood.

Adventure trail Mutzbachfall

Breathe the fresh forest air, listen to the burbling of the stream, and enjoy the idyllic views: the Mutzbach Fall Adventure Trail from Riedtwil to Wynigen is a hike for all senses.

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  • Oberaargau
  • Outdoor
  • Walking
  • Hiking


We recommend bringing a printout of the route just to be sure.

From the centre of the village of Riedtwil, the trail leads to an old mill and then through the forest along the Mutzbach stream, which is crossed several times on small bridges. Following the trail, hikers and explorers finally reach the 14-metre Mutzbach fall. Our recommendation: take a break here and watch the water in its free fall over the sandstone.

From the waterfall, there are steps that take you to the other side of the stream, where you climb a ladder up the rock wall (don’t worry, it’s only nine steps). Once you’re at the top, a narrow path will take you through a beech forest and then up to Rüedisbach. The steep ascent is rewarded with a beautiful view of the rolling hills and, depending on the season, fields full of vibrant flowers. The descent then leads over a sandstone crag down to Wynigen.


Adventure trail Mutzbachfall
Bahnhofstrasse 44
4950 Huttwil

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