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The picture shows a group of football fans supporting BSC Young Boys. The colours yellow and black dominate the picture, which is typical for the fans of the Swiss football club BSC Young Boys. They are holding up yellow and black plastic sheets and it appears as if part of a banner or message can be seen on which the letters "KOM" are recognisable.
The player in the foreground is wearing a red jersey with the inscription "HONDA" and the logo of BSC Young Boys, he seems to be gesticulating very emotionally and energetically, possibly after an important action in the game, such as a goal scored or a chance missed. Behind him is another player in the goalkeeper's jersey of the same team, recognisable by the gloves and the uniform colour scheme. He also looks very committed and seems to be reacting to the game or possibly to the instructions of the player in the foreground. The image conveys an intense atmosphere that is typical of important moments in a football match.
The picture shows a scene before the start of a football match at the BSC Young Boys stadium. In the foreground, the players and the referee team can be seen lining up to greet each other or for a team photo. In the background, a lively crowd can be seen in a curve of the stadium, many of them wearing the club colours yellow and black

BSC Young Boys

Founded in 1898, the Bernese Sport Club Young Boys is one of the most traditional und success-ful clubs in Switzerland and competes for one of the top places in the Swiss Championship every year. Since 2018, the BSC Young Boys has come out victorious five times in the Swiss Champi-onship and twice in the Swiss Cup.

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Approximately 30’000 football fans make their way to the Wankdorf stadium in the north of the city of Bern every time «YB» play. The people of Bern have very close ties to their club, and visitors with an affinity for the round leather ball should definitely go to a game. 

So far, the club’s history includes 16 Championship titles and 8 Cup victories. In recent years, the Young Boys have also drawn attention to themselves internationally: in 2018 and 2021, the club has played in the UEFA Champions League’s group stage where it was able to celebrate highly regarded victories over Juventus Turin and Manchester United. 

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The Miracle of Bern

It was in 1954 when «the miracle of Bern» took place in the venerable Wankdorf Stadium: the German national team won the final against Hungary with a surprising 3:2 victory, making them the World Champions. Occasionally, this win is also referred to as «the actual birth of the Federal Republic of Germany» and was made into a movie called «The Miracle of Bern» in 2013.

YB Museum

The exhibition presents showpieces, trophies and documentaries about the long tradition of the yellow-and-black club and is open every Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the Championship.


BSC Young Boys
Papiermühlestrasse 77
3014 Bern

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