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Sensorium Rüttihubelbad

Literally a “sense-ible” activity for the entire family: at the Sensorium at Rüttihubelbad, it’s all about the senses. A great experience, even on rainy days.

Useful information

  • Canton of Bern
  • Indoor
  • Active
  • Culture

Take a break from all the visual sensations of everyday life and visit the Sensorium at Rüttihubelbad in Walkringen. The exhibition contains 80 interactive stations where visitors can hear, see, smell and feel the known and the unknown.

Experiencing all the sounds, colours, oscillation, scents, light and dark awaken the senses of young and old alike. Visitors of all ages are welcome at the Sensorium, although it does get more interesting for children if they’re age four to seven or older. The entire premises are wheelchair accessible.

Take at least two hours to discover the Sensorium. A day pass allows visitors to come and go freely, take a break in the garden or stop by the restaurant before returning to the exhibition with refreshed senses. Many visitors make use of this offer and stay for half a day or longer.

Come Rain or Shine

The Sensorium with its bright indoor exhibition space is especially pleasant on rainy days. It can be reached by Postauto (regional bus) or car, or, if you’re athletic, you can combine your visit with a walk, a hike or a bicycle ride.

In pleasant weather, visitors can explore further interactive stations outside, and two large playgrounds complete the range of outdoor activities. By the way: the view of the mountains from Rüttihubelbad is absolutely wonderful.

Picnic and Family Room

Bringing your own lunch or snacks to the Sensorium is allowed, but if you don’t feel like sandwiches, you can also visit the lovely restaurant – complete with a kids’ corner! There’s so much to do that it’s hard to fit everything into one day. So if you would like to stay the night, you can book one of the two family rooms.

You won’t be forced to bring everything with you: baby monitors, baby tubs, changing mats, highchairs, strollers and other items are available at the front desk.


Sensorium Rüttihubelbad
Rüttihubelbad 29
3512 Walkringen

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