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In the warm atmosphere of the Trubschachen local history museum, enthusiastic visitors and a smiling guide demonstrate the historic craft of weaving. Surrounded by antique wooden interiors and illuminated by old windows, you can feel the connection with tradition.

Trubschachen Heritage Museum

The typical, historical Emmental settlement in the heart of the village of Trubschachen features a main farmhouse, an outbuilding (Stöckli) and a storehouse (Spycher).

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The homey cohesion of the buildings, along with the rich variety of items on display, make the museum a real treasure of the region. The 18th century outbuilding and storehouse offer a glimpse into the history of the Emmental’s home, farm and industrial life.

The farmhouse is home to a show pottery, where visitors can observe the production of artfully painted pottery, as well as a cozy café.


Trubschachen Heritage Museum
Postfach 40
3555 Trubschachen

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