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Leutschen adventure site Long-distance view route Frienisberg

Cycling tour “890 Frienisberg Scenic Route”

On this 43-kilometre-long thematic route around the Friensiberg high plateau, cyclists are accompanied by wonderful views of the Seeland, the city of Bern and the Bernese Alps. And the highlight on this route, the platform on the 45-metre-high Chutzenturm, offers the very best views.

MapElevation Profile
Level of difficulty
42.4 km
3:15 h
516 m
538 m
Highest Point
806 m
Lowest Point
482 m
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An e-bike will make your ride more leisurely, a conventional bicycle more athletic. But it doesn’t matter which one you choose, the Friensiberg Scenic Route is a sensual experience in any case. The Chutzenturm stands at the centre of this route: climbing its 234 steps will reward you with an impressive panoramic view spanning from the Titlis to the Moléson. And on the way, you can learn more about the natural sites in the region thanks to the informative panels you’ll see.


The most beautiful route from Bern city centre to the Friensiberg Scenic Route follows the Veloland signposting No. 890: starting from Bern main station, follow Aare route 8 or route 94 via Länggasse through Bremgarten forest. After the Kappelen bridge, you’ll already be on the 890 Friensiberg Scenic Route which is best explored anti-clockwise. Route 890 crosses paths with route 888 twice. You can combine these two routes in any way you want.

Tip from the author
Many restaurants and cafés are closed on Sundays and Mondays or have irregular opening hours. We recommend you check the opening hours on the restaurants’ websites in advance.

Be sure to plan a stopover at the Büsselimoos nature reserve and explore the area on a short walk.

Rent a Bike

Reserve your preferred bicycle – with or without a motor – at the Bernese company Rent a Bike by Bern’s main station or at the TCS Camping Bern Eymatt campground. The reserved bike can then be picked up at and returned to the chosen location.

Map and elevation profile


Level of difficulty
42.4 km
3:15 h
516 m
538 m
Highest Point
806 m
Lowest Point
482 m
Best season


The fascination of high moorland

The best place to start the circular tour is Hinterkappelen. The first ascent takes you to the Büsselimoos adventure site. Here you will learn more about one of the smallest nature reserves in the canton of Bern, where for once it is not the distant views that impress, but the play of light and shadow and the view of the fascinating raised bog.

Ascent with a reward

The next ascent via Kirchlindach to the Leutschen viewpoint is not without its challenges, even on an e-bike. On the other hand, when the weather is fine, you get a fantastic view of the city of Bern and the mountain ranges beyond. It’s hard to believe that a major Bernese airport was once to be built here. You can read more about this on the plaque on site.

Enjoy the panorama from the highest wooden tower in Switzerland

Next stop: Chutzenturm. If you climb the 234 steps, you will be rewarded with an impressive panoramic view from the Titlis to the Moléson. How about a picnic at the wooden table under the tower? The best way to do this is to stop at a charming farm store along the way and buy some local specialties.

From marshland to vegetable growing area

The ride down to the village of Frienisberg is quite bumpy, but then it’s a leisurely ride to the next highlight. At the adventure village of Frieswilhubel, you can look out over the Seeland, which has developed from marshland into one of the most important vegetable-growing regions in Switzerland. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Let’s go - get on the saddle!

Hinterkappelen (506 m)

Getting there

  • Public Transport

    If you prefer travelling to the trail by public transport, take the PostBus 101 from Bern main station and exit at Hinterkappelen, Post. We recommend following the trail anti-clockwise, direction Büsselimoos.

  • Privat Transport

    From Bern city centre, cycle along the Aare river route 8 via Länggasse and through the Bremgartenwald. After the Kappelenbrücke you're already on the Frienisberg scenic route 890. Set off on the bike tour in an anti-clockwise direction.

  • Parking

    We recommend travelling to your start location by e-bike or public transport.

Useful information

Safety Information

Always wear a bicycle helmet and switch off the e-bike motor (45 km/h) where mopeds are not permitted.

  • E-bike or bicycle
  • Helmet
  • E-bike charging device
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Bag, rucksack or bicycle basket for goods bought at the farm and village shops
Additional information
See here for further information on the Cycling Tour 890 Frienisberg Scenic Route.

E-bike friendly accommodation

We recommend enjoying your bike trip at a slower pace and staying overnight in the city or region of Bern. Whether in a stylish city hotel, royal castle or cosy farmhouse – we show you where to stay and reveal the best hotel tips for cyclists.