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The picture shows a couple in the Altes Tramdepot, clinking glasses in a cheerful mood. In front of them is a selection of beers, and the historic silhouette of Bern can be vaguely recognised in the background.
The picture captures the hustle and bustle in the old tram depot, where people come together to chat and drink beer. The warm lighting and the gleaming copper brewing kettles create a cosy, convivial atmosphere.
The picture shows a lively scene in the old tram depot, where a barman is concentrating on tapping a fresh beer.

Restaurant Altes Tramdepot

In the rooms where the bear keeper used to live in the 18th century, you can now enjoy a delicious meal. The Altes Tramdepot restaurant with its integrated brewery is located right next to the BärenPark and offers a fantastic view of Bern's old town and the River Aare.

Useful information

  • City of Bern

The house beer is home-brewed in copper vats right in the center of the restaurant. The menu includes a wide variety of dishes representing the cuisines of Bern, Vienna, Munich and even Asia.

Recently, you can also buy the beers of the Tramdepot in their online shop.

The restaurant's proximity to the BearPark, the fantastic view of the Old Town and the Aare, and the convenient location make the Altes Tramdepot a favorite gathering place for socializing.


Restaurant Altes Tramdepot
Grosser Muristalden 2
3006 Bern

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