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The photo shows a stylishly decorated, historic-looking room with wallpaper, a chandelier and traditional furniture. Soft light falls through the window, creating a warm, inviting atmosphere.
The picture shows a room with historical flair, decorated with a large photo of Albert Einstein and exhibits. The mood is thoughtful and educational.

City tour "E = mc² - Einstein in Bern (biographical)"

A guided tour all about time: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity gave us a new way of looking at the world, putting a new perspective on absolute time.

Private tour

This tour can only be booked by telephone on +41 31 328 12 12 or by e-mail to

from CHF 390.00

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Einstein’s theory of relativity gave us a new world view which relativizes absolute time. The tour starts in the Clock Tower (Zytglogge), where Kaspar Brunner's clock mechanism has been ticking and telling the people of Bern the time for more than 600 years.

The tour finishes at Einstein’s house, where you can learn more about Albert Einstein’s life, thinking and his most famous formula: E= mc².

Guided tours and language offers

Private tour
Meeting point
  • CHF 390.00
German, French, English
Number of participants
Maximum 20 people per group
This tour can only be booked by telephone on +41 31 328 12 12 or by e-mail to

Meeting point

City Tours Bern
Bahnhofplatz 10a
3011 Bern

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