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Visitors are fascinated by the exhibits at the Museum Cerny in Bern. The intensity of their gaze and their proximity to the glass reveal a deep interest and admiration for the exhibits, which embody cultural stories and craftsmanship.
This fascinating piece from the Inuit collection at the Museum Cerny in Bern features a detailed sculpture that captures the uniqueness and depth of Inuit art with its raw texture and inlaid symbols. The artwork represents a cultural narrative expressed through the combination of traditional craftsmanship and spiritual motifs.
Three visitors stand in front of a colourful work of art in the Museum Cerny in Bern. An older lady raises her hand in explanation, while the two younger women listen attentively. The interest and appreciation for the art are clearly recognisable in their faces and gestures.

Museum Cerny

A unique collection of contemporary circumpolar art.

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The seldom seen art gives an impression of the culture and life of the peoples of the polar regions and demonstrates astonishing similarities with art from our regions.

Inspired by nature, tradition and shamanism, the artworks are made from stone, whalebone, walrus and mammoth tusk, primarily by the Canadian Inuit, as well as, Russian Siberian artists.

Through exhibitions and events, the visitor will become acquainted with the contemporary art and culture of the North, also in the context of a dialogue with artwork from other cultures.


Museum Cerny
Stadtbachstrasse 8a
3012 Bern

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