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The picture shows the Franz Gertsch Museum in Burgdorf, surrounded by young trees, which forms an invigorating contrast to the austere architecture of the museum. The interplay of nature and concrete conveys an atmosphere of tranquillity and cultural reflection under a clear sky.
The photo shows a scene in the Franz Gertsch Museum with visitors looking at a large-format portrait. The person on the bench, absorbed in contemplation, emphasises the calm and introspective atmosphere. The natural light lends the room a peaceful atmosphere.
The picture captures a moment of quiet admiration in the Franz Gertsch Museum, in which a visitor stands in front of a life-size painting of a forest. The green colour tones of the artwork are reflected in the peaceful expression of the viewer, who seems to be in harmony with the nature of the painting.

Museum Franz Gertsch

In its completeness, the collection provides a constellation that is probably unique for artists of distinction. It nearly comprises the entire works of Franz Gertsch from 1987 to 2004 as well as the unique cycle of the four seasons, which was created in 2007–2011.

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In 1998, Willy Michel from Burgdorf, an entrepreneur in the field of medical products, together with Franz Gertsch decided to build and furnish a mutually supported museum. Willy Michel secured the financing of the entire project and established the Willy Michel Foundation which – together with a partial donation from Franz Gertsch – forms the basis of the collection. This includes the portrait Silvia I, the large-format paintings Gräser I-IV (types of grass) and Pestwurz (butterbur), as well as the Four Seasons.

In addition to changing exhibitions with a selection of the works of Franz Gertsch, the museum also regularly presents temporary exhibitions that show a variety of contemporary art. The interface between painting and photography is another focal point.

From Friday to Sunday, the in-house Artcafé spoils guests with salads, sandwiches and soups. On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, the kitchen team conjures up a lunch menu. The culinary delights are also available as take-aways.


Museum Franz Gertsch
Platanenstrass 3
3400 Burgdorf

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