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Two people stand expectantly in a theatre space that is artistically illuminated with a neon sign "Hotel Kosmos", conveying a scene of mysterious anticipation and theatrical atmosphere.
The photo shows the lively hustle and bustle at the "Aprillen Berner Lesefest" at the Schlachthaus theatre in Bern. People are talking animatedly, surrounded by a culturally enriching atmosphere, which is emphasised by the event's large logo.
A lively group stands in front of the Schlachthaus theatre in Bern under a sign advertising the "Aprillen Berner Lesefest", a moment of socialising and cultural engagement in the city.

Schlachthaus Theater Bern

Schlachthaus Theater Bern is one of Switzerland’s most important venues for independent theater and the performing arts, with a reach extending far beyond the country’s borders.

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In the heart of the Old Town, Schlachthaus Theater Bern is an intimate setting where you can experience contemporary productions that address current, socio-critical and political issues. Within the historical walls of the fifteenth-century building, over 40 independent groups from Bern, Switzerland and across the world perform here each season, with productions catering to adults, youth and children. The majority of the pieces are performed in German, but there are also regular productions in Swiss German, English and other languages.

The main hall and the two traditional vaulted cellars lend a special flair to the performances. What’s more, the performances are not the only time the audience can get up close to the artists; they also have the chance to casually interact at the bar and in the foyer after the event.

Many established groups had their start at Schlachthaus Theater Bern, a place that is constantly fostering young talent. Regular festivals are also held at Schlachthaus Theater, including BONE Performance Art Festival Bern, Aprillen Berner Lesefest, and the theater festival AUAWIRLEBEN.


Schlachthaus Theater Bern
Rathausgasse 20
3011 Bern

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