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Excursion along the water in Langenthal

Published: 27.05.2024

Have you ever walked through Langenthal? If not, then it's high time you did. And even Langenthal connoisseurs are sure to find one or two refreshing surprises on this tour.

Aquarium Langenthal

The best place to get off when travelling is at the Langenthal Süd stop. From there, it's a short walk to an impressive first stop. There is an aquarium in the modern Hotel Meilenstein. An aquarium? Yes, that's right, the huge 42-metre-long tank is home to various fish such as sturgeons, catfish, rays and many other underwater creatures.

A man and a woman stand fascinated in front of a large aquarium in Langenthal, looking at the swimming fish and exchanging thoughts. It is a quiet moment of connection, both with nature and with each other.

Aquarium Bar

A café is located in the same room as the large aquarium. So you can enjoy a cappuccino (or, even more appropriately, a refreshing lemonade) while watching the fish.

Now it's up the stairs and out into the sunshine. The path next leads to a historical sight in Langenthal: the Wasserrad Sagibach. It originally served as a drive for the sawmill. This is because the Sagibach was a commercial canal. Although it is no longer in use today, it is still a very impressive sight.

Old town stroll

If you follow the canal, you reach the centre of the charming old town. Colourful houses adorn the wide cobblestone path. The best thing to do here is to simply drift along, stroll past the shop windows and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

A man takes a look at the Akubu shop in Langenthal, which sells various accessories such as bags, rucksacks and costume jewellery. Interest and curiosity characterise the scene, captured in an everyday urban moment.

Shopping tip

At akubu you will find all sorts of things: practical drinks bottles in all colours, fashionable clothing, unique gift items, elegant jewellery and much more. Just take a look for yourself.

Coffee break at Düby Spezialitäten AG

An insider tip for refreshments on the go is the "Düby Spezialitäten AG" shop. On nice days, service is simple and uncomplicated outside on the steps. With an espresso and a regional ice cream in your hand and the warming rays of sunshine on your face, you can fully immerse yourself in the Langenthal ambience. You can also buy the best regional delicacies for a picnic or as a souvenir to take home.

Strengthened, the walk continues through the small town. A glance here, a glance there and again and again the river "Langete" appears between bridges.

Visitors soon find themselves on Wuhrplatz. Right next to the yellow fountain, a colourful pop-up house invites you to take your (next) ice cream break. For a picnic, we recommend looking for a free spot on the edge of the Langete. With a view "To the sea" (not literally, of course. If you spot the dark blue sign, you'll know what we're talking about) is the secret favourite spot for a stop.

More tips

For those who have a little more time, it's worth packing your swimming trunks. At Freibad Langenthal, you can practise your "arse bombs" and do lengths. Connoisseurs can get a tan on the green lawn.

And for those who want to round off their summer excursion in Langenthal with a visit to a restaurant, here's a list of the coolest places to eat in the town: