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A cyclist on a gravel bike explores the Belpberg, with the snow-capped Alpine peaks in the background providing a spectacular backdrop. The scene radiates tranquillity and the joy of exploring nature on two wheels, while the warm light conveys a sense of spring awakening.

Gravel Bike Routes in Bern

Published: 16.05.2024

A gravel bike ride is the perfect combination of physical activity and peaceful nature. These routes are particularly varied and scenic.

Ferrenberg Loop

This 42-kilometre loop route begins in Lützelflüh with a climb up a ridge with views of the Alps and the Jura. Then simply follow the signposting for route 99 and soon you’ll arrive at the Emmental Show Dairy in Affoltern, a good place to stop for a snack. The tour then continues toward Ferrenberg and Route 899. On the way back, you’ll ride through the rolling hills of the Emmental valley and past stately traditional farmhouses. For the last bit, follow the river Emme from Lochbach Oberburg back to Lützelflüh on Route 24. The Ferrenberg loop is a wonderful combination of everything: physical activity, relaxing moments, and impressive nature.

Belpberg Gürbe Gravel Loop

Long day at work? Or just in the mood for a whole-body workout in nature? Then the 42-kilometre “Belpberg Gürbe Gravel Loop” is an excellent choice. It is easily reached from the city of Bern. After a short ascent on forest paths, you’ll reach the Chutzen scenic point, which offers a great view of the Gürbetal valley all the way to Lake Thun and the federal city. Tip: the golden hour and the sunset are spectacular here. When you’re done admiring the view, you continue back along the Gürbe river by way of Gerzensee and Wattenwil. The Belpberg Gürbe Gravel Loop is an ideal tour for gravel bikes: there’s everything from side roads to long passages on forest, gravel and dirt roads.

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