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The picture shows the Jass cards and the pack for the game
The picture shows the fanned-out cards of the game from above
The picture shows fanned out Jass cards with Bernese German terms

Bärndütsch - Jass cards

Article no.: 10021

French cards for true Jasser:innen and "Bärndütsch" fans

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According to the Brünig-Napf-Reuss line, most people in Bern play Jass with French Jass cards. The first product from the Bernese SME "Bärndütsch" was therefore Bernese Jass cards - with a prominently placed bear, of course.

Game content:

  • Packaging: 59mm x 91 mm x 14mm

  • Playing cards: 57mm x 89mm, 36 pieces incl. one cover card

  • Manufacture:

  • Packaging: Wallimann Druck und Verlag AG, Beromünster LU

  • Playing cards: Jordi AG, Belp BE

  • The "Bärndütsch" Jass cards are produced sustainably in Switzerland and are made entirely from recycled and biodegradable material.