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The picture shows the product "Bärner Brättschpiu"
The picture shows people at a table in front of the board game "Bärner Brättschpiu"

«Bärner Brättschpiu» Bernese board game

Article no.: 10023

The Bernese strategy game for two - 100 per cent made in Bern

CHF 24.90

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The most beautiful city in the world naturally also has its own game: the "Bärner Brättschpiu" (Bernese board game) makes for exciting games for two. Not only the game board, but the entire contents, including the box, are 100% produced in Bern. In addition to a Bern poster, this also includes three comic postcards and a carefully compiled selection of Bernese-German swear words - so the loser still has something to smile about.