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The picture shows a playing card of the bar quartet "BE Bars" of wasabi feel gmbh

Bar Quartet Bern

Article no.: 10022

Discover the best bars in Bern and benefit from vouchers - it's easy with the bar quartet from bars2be.

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With version 6.0 you can discover 32 bars in and around Bern!

The bars2be quartet can be played like a normal quartet. You can compare the opening year, the price per bar, the distance to the station or collect as many groups as possible.

And the best thing about it all: Each card is an exclusive voucher for the corresponding bar.

The Bar Quartet Bern 6.0 is a fun way to get to know unknown Bernese bars, discover new drinks, beers and fine aperitifs and benefit from the vouchers.

Developed and produced in Bern.