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Löu" game
Löu" game

Card Game "Löu"

Article no.: 10029

"One thing that has a special charm in Bernese German and certainly also in Basudütsch is swear words," said the Bernese chansonnier Mani Matter in 1972. Perfectly fitting - the Bernese game Löu!

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This game is dedicated to the Bernese swear words "Löu", "blöde Siech", "Glünggi" and "Sürmu".

Löu is a card game that works in a similar way to many other games: The same numbers and colors may be placed on top of each other. The aim is to score as few points as possible. The first player to run out of cards scores zero points. Special cards can be used to trigger certain events. The biggest events are triggered by the "Löu", "blöde Siech", "Glünggi" and "Sürmu". Depending on the card, you can decide who triggers the event.

Facts about the game:

  • Number of persons: 2 to 4

  • Age: 8+

  • Game content:

  • Packaging: 118mm x 91mm x 25mm

  • Playing cards: 57mm x 89mm, 120 pieces

  • Instructions: A7, 12 pages, German