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aarebag collection 2023
aarebag collection 2023

Swim bag "Aarebag"

Article no.: 10074

Keeps your personal belongings dry from water - perfect for your next outing.

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The "must-have" for all water rats, Aare matros and river bathers. The Aare bag is wrapped three to five times, snapped shut and is waterproof. Particularly practical: the map of the Bernese Aare loop is printed on the Aare bag, showing all the entry and exit points.

The Aare bag in detail:

  • 20 liter volume

  • Practical inner case (21 x 13 cm)

  • High-quality Cartex nylon material

  • 8 cm thick protective layer, inside the opening, for additional protection

  • Size-adjustable shoulder straps, can also be worn as a backpack

ATTENTION: The swimming bag is not suitable as a swimming aid! Aare swimming is only suitable for experienced swimmers.