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Since summer 2016, an art and culture trail has existed around Oschwand and Spych in Oberaargau in honor of the two painters Cuno Amiet (1868-1961) and Bruno Hesse (1905-1999).

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This provides insights into the favorite motifs of the world-famous artists at a total of eight stations - mostly on Bernese hiking trails. The trail can be followed in two routes: The shorter circular route takes 1.5 hours, while the longer one takes 3-5 hours.

The Amiet Hesse Trail leads from Riedtwil bus station in a short 90-minute circular route around Oschwand and the hamlet of Spych and a three- to four-hour hiking route through the Mutzgraben valley to the waterfall, then via Juchten, Rotenhaus and the trachea back to Oschwand.

At eight points along the Amiet-Hesse Trail, visitors are introduced to the life, work and influence of the two painters Cuno Amiet and Bruno Hesse. The locations and views of the landscape have been chosen as they often show pictures by the two painters. Such pictures can be seen on the information steles. They open up a view of the landscape in which you stand, look and marvel at the same time.


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