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Hohwacht Observation Tower

Once part of an ingenious warning system, today the Hohwacht observation tower offers spectacular views of the Emmental valley’s picturesque rolling landscape. The climb is worth it!

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The idyllic landscape surrounding the Hohwacht observation tower is best explored on foot. A half-day hike from Melchnau to Madiswil is a perfect example. The route leads past alluring farms looking like they have not changed in almost 200 years, rural villages and welcoming inns. The highlight of the hike is the breathtaking view from the Hohwacht tower stretching over the Emmental’s fairy-tale landscape of rolling hills. More hiking tips for the Bern region can be found here.

Steeped in history

When the French army attacked Bern in 1798, the entire canton was warned within three to four hours thanks to a clever alarm system. A signaling network of bonfires atop Alpine peaks passed along the message very rapidly. The Hohwacht observation tower in Reisiswil was also part of the system. Today, the Hohwacht observation tower no longer performs any historic feats, but it offers a wonderful view of the Napf region, the Aare valley, the Jura mountains and the Alps.

Hiking information about Melchnau–Hohwacht–Madiswil route

  • Dauer

    2 h 15 min

  • Länge

    etwa 8.5 km

  • etwa 8.5 km


  • Hinfahrt

    von Langenthal mit dem Bus nach Melchnau

  • Rückfahrt

    ab Madiswil mit der Bahn nach Langenthal

  • Höhendifferenz

    265 m Aufstieg, 270 m Abstieg

Fresher than fresh: During the harvest season, asparagus lovers can drop by and watch the farmers at work. Green asparagus is planted, harvested and processed from the end of April until mid-June at the Melchnau family farm, operated by Doris and Hans Hofer. The spring produce can be purchased right onsite from the farm shop.


Hohwacht Observation Tower
4919 Reisiswil

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