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The picture shows a metal dragon sculpture perched gracefully on a rock, surrounded by lively green trees. The sculpture catches the light and appears as a silent guardian of the forest, creating a mystical and mesmerising atmosphere.

Schwarzsee Witch’s Trail (Häxewääg)

On the Witch’s Trail around Schwarzsee’s mountain lake, a fearsome dragon wakes from his lengthy sleep, and long-forgotten myths are brought back to life. The adventure trail leads along the shoreline through a magical landscape set against a picturesque mountain backdrop. Fascinated children, encounters with mythical creatures, an entertaining hike and fun and games are guaranteed!

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Legendary Hike

The idyllic landscape of Fribourg’s Sense region with its imposing mountain backdrop and gently rolling hills is steeped in legend. During the wonderfully designed hike around the mysterious Schwarzee (Black Lake in German), hikers of all ages will suddenly find themselves surrounded by mythical creatures, forest animals and the magical interplay between humans and nature.

The adventure trail is primarily aimed at children, yet it offers an unforgettable outing for the entire family. If you follow the 25 guideposts around the shoreline, you will find signboards with local legends written on them. Curiosity and imagination are all that you need to discover a fun, themed surprise at every stop.

Dragons, Graybeard and Old Hags

A day trip turns into a fun expedition on the Witch’s Trail. The creatively designed signboards introduce you to the silent “Puggelimandli”, known as “Muggi”, the mystical night hunter “Hutätä” with a gray beard, and a wild black cow that made life miserable for her Alpine herdsman.

The highlight of the adventure trail is the story of how the lake of Schwarzsee came to be. A mighty dragon, which according to legend was banished into the lake by a courageous settler, awaits you.

The legends on the signboards are summarized and written in verse (German and French), inviting attentive listeners to start guessing, since each story is accompanied by a short riddle. Various interactive stations provide even more fun and games.

Agile climbers can balance their way along suspended bridges, crawl through tubes and swoosh down slides. Water-play areas invite children to swim, cool off, splash, build dams and pan for gold. The entertaining design of the hike makes it seem short even for tired little legs.

Off You Go!

The Witch’s Trail begins and ends beside Restaurant Gypsera. Trail markers and information signboards lead you on a magical expedition along the shoreline. If you wish to walk around the lake without taking any long breaks, the 4.4-km shore path can be covered in about two hours. The adventure trail can also be hiked in either direction. However, it is worthwhile to plan enough extra time. Thanks to the wide variety of activities, a morning hike can quickly turn into an all-day outing.

The picturesque area around Schwarzsee captivates visitors with its lush meadows, pristine beauty and fairy-tale forests and is ideal for relaxing in nature. Don’t forget to take a little detour to visit the waterfall! The rushing, roaring, gurgling and babbling of the water makes it irresistible to imps of all sizes. The comfortable fire pits along the lake’s shoreline are ideal for picnics and barbecues.



Schwarzsee Witch’s Trail (Häxewääg)
Schwarzseestrasse 212
1716 Schwarzsee

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