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Crossing the Wohlei bridge at Wohlensee
Belper Giessen experience
Picnic on a tree-trunk bench along the route
Picnic on a tree-trunk bench along the 888 Bern Green Belt cycle route

Grünes Band Bern (Bern's Green Belt)

It only takes nine minutes to get right into nature from Bern: this 59-kilometre-long thematic route connects the municipalities around Bern – the Swiss federal city and UNESCO World Heritage Site – and is a wonderful way to spend your free time.

MapElevation Profile
Level of difficulty
59 km
4:30 h
715 m
714 m
Highest Point
676 m
Lowest Point
484 m
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An e-bike will make your ride more leisurely, a conventional bicycle more athletic. But it doesn’t matter which one you choose, because the focus is on exploring the local characteristics around Bern’s UNESOC-listed old town. Be sure to make regular stops along the way: you can learn many interesting, funny, and surprising facts about nature and agriculture at the signposted exploration sites – be on the lookout for the green signs and «tree trunk benches».


This route can be travelled in several stages, meaning you can freely choose the starting point as well as the direction and length of your trip. Starting from Bern main station, the Veloland network leads you straight to the Green Belt. Take route 37 through the Breitenrain district via Ostermundigen to Deisswil. Turn right onto route 888 there and cycle through the Gümligen valley to Gümligen – and now you are on the Green Belt that leads around the federal city. Route 888 crosses paths with route 890 twice. You can combine these two routes in any way you want.

Tip from the author
 Many restaurants and cafés are closed on Sundays and Mondays or have irregular opening hours. To avoid having to cycle to the next door with a hungry stomach, we recommend checking the opening times on the restaurants' websites in advance.


Be careful when crossing the road on Bernstrasse between Löhrmoos and Büsselimoos. The speed limit on the main roads you will have to cross is 80 km/h.

Rent a Bike

Reserve your preferred bicycle – with or without a motor – at the Bernese company Rent a Bike by Bern’s main station or at the TCS Camping Bern Eymatt campground. The reserved bike can then be picked up at and returned to the chosen location.

Map and elevation profile


Level of difficulty
59 km
4:30 h
715 m
714 m
Highest Point
676 m
Lowest Point
484 m
Best season


Starting point Köniz

It is best to start the circular tour in Köniz and head off in a clockwise direction towards Niederwangen.

Local special features

After Köniz, continue along the well-signposted SwitzerlandMobility Route 888 towards Niederwangen. A short detour to the strawberry field is worthwhile on this route in June. The fresh fruit can be picked in the field and enjoyed straight away. After Niederwangen, the next green signpost is at the hamlet of "Chäs und Brot".

A place of adventure by the water

Next stop Wohlensee - a home to many animals. Here, those with a thirst for knowledge can find out why beavers were almost wiped out in the 18th century. Whether it's a dip in Lake Wohlen or a snack in Bern's most iconic lakeside restaurant - Bogen 17 Kiosque - it's worth taking a longer break here.

View of the city and region of Bern

From Wohlensee to Herrenschwandenhöhe - up here, e-bikers are rewarded with a picturesque view of the city of Bern and the Bernese Alps beyond. From here, botany fans can discover the Lörmoos raised bog or the small Büsselimoos nature reserve on foot.

Local specialties

Who likes cheese? Pfister's Molki in Zollikofen has up to 150 types of cheese in the chiller cabinet, depending on the season. Or how about a sweet dessert? Another highlight are the farmhouse glaces produced by Molki. Incidentally, there are many farm and village stores with local products along the adventure route. One of these is the farm store at INFORAMA Rütti. Whether dried apple rings, jam or meat specialties - anyone looking for a souvenir from the region will find what they are looking for here. The various green boards at INFORAMA Rütti inspire visitors to explore the grounds with the leased farm and the various animals.

Welcome to the fruit tree paradise

Fruit is the number one topic at the stopover in Flugbrunnen. We recommend biting into a juicy apple here and finding out more about Switzerland's favorite fruit thanks to the information on the green board.

59-kilometer round trip

The next adventure site is at Hüenliwald in Allmendingen. Take a sip of water from your water bottle and continue along the route to Bern-Belp Airport. The next highlight awaits right next to the airport - a floodplain landscape of national importance.

To finish: refreshment at Köniz Castle

The route continues through the idyllic Köniztal valley towards Köniz. Would you like some refreshment? The Restaurant zum Schloss serves seasonal dishes and refreshing drinks. What could be nicer than enjoying a cool drink in the courtyard in the shade of the large lime tree in warm temperatures and toasting your tour?

Bern-Belp Airport
Bern-Belp Airport

Getting there

  • Public Transport

    Some of the discovery spots along the trail can be accessed by public transport. The choice of where to start is all yours. Suitable access points for those travelling by train include Belp, Deiswil and Niederwangen. See here for the online timetable.  Individual tickets and bike day passes can easily be bought online. Please observe the information on taking your bike on a train (see here). 

  • Privat Transport

    Would you like to access the trail by e-bike from Bern city? Simply follow one of the Veloland cycling routes detailed on SwitzerlandMobility. One option is to follow the Aare river route 8 via Länggasse and through the Bremgartenwald. After the Kappelenbrücke turn left, towards the Wohlensee discovery spot. See here for the Veloland network.

  • Parking

    We recommend traveling by public transport or e-bike

Useful information

Safety Information

Always wear a bicycle helmet and switch off the e-bike motor (45 km/h) where mopeds are not permitted.

  • E-bike or bicycle
  • Helmet
  • E-bike charging device
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Bag, rucksack or bicycle basket for goods bought at the farm and village shops
Additional information
See here for further information on the Cycling Tour 888 Grünes Band Bern (Bern's Green Belt) .

E-bike friendly accommodation

We recommend enjoying your bike trip at a slower pace and staying overnight in the city or region of Bern. Whether in a stylish city hotel, royal castle or cosy farmhouse – we show you where to stay and reveal the best hotel tips for cyclists.