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Brunch at the Bären in Langenthal

Going for “Zmorge” (breakfast) at the Bären in Langenthal means getting to enjoy a new and diverse brunch selection at an inn steeped in history. The perfect combination of historic, modern – and delicious.

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  • Oberaargau

Guests have been indulged at the Bären in Langenthal for over four centuries, but its concept is nowhere near old and dusty: over the years, the restaurant has reinvented itself numerous times – and in May 2023, it finally added brunch! The former Bärenstube was converted into the Bären Bistrot with French flair and promptly became the new breakfast hotspot in the Oberaargau region.

Its «Petit Déjeuner» menu offers something for every taste: crunchy breads, egg variations from classic fried eggs to French Oeuf Benedict, light fruit and yogurt bowls, sweet waffles and sourdough toasts topped with, for example, avocado and salmon.

The Bären serves breakfast year-round from Tuesday to Saturday. We recommend going on a warm day to be able to enjoy your «petit déjeuner» with freshly prepared delicacies Paris bistro-style, on the restaurant terrace. It’s worth booking in advance to secure a spot. And then you’re all set for a French brunch experience – «bon appétit»!

The Bären has always been a popular meeting place, hosting distinguished guests such as Swiss educational reformer J.H. Pestalozzi, Swiss novelist Jeremias Gotthelf, and American author J.F. Cooper.


Brunch at the Bären in Langenthal
St. Urbanstrasse 1
4900 Langenthal

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