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The picture shows a group of people standing around an eye-catching sculpture or monument in a city square in Bern. They appear to be listening or receiving an explanation as part of a guided tour of the city. In the background, multi-storey buildings and a café under arcades are visible, which are typical of Bern.
The photograph shows a group of people gathered around a large, stone fountain in an urban setting. Some people appear to be looking into the fountain or talking, while others are being drawn to something outside the picture. They are in a square with buildings in the background.
The picture shows two women having fun at a fountain in a street. One is filling her bottle while the other laughs. Buildings and Swiss flags can be seen in the background, suggesting a location in Bern

City tour "All about water"

Why was the Bernese fountain the best place to find out the latest gossip in the Middle Ages and what significance did the River Aare have in the past? No wet feet on this guided tour, but a dive into Bern's interesting water history.

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Water is omnipresent in Bern - even Bernese-German songs are about it, such as "Stilli Wasser" by dialect rock pioneer Polo Hofer.

At 288 kilometres, the Aare is the longest river running through the whole of Switzerland and adorns the aerial view of the UNESCO-listed Old Town. The unmistakable location - the Aare loop that meanders around the federal city - used to serve as protection against uninvited guests, among other things. Today, the Aare is a paradise for water lovers. Even Finn, Björk and Ursina, the bears in the BärenPark, enjoy bathing in the waters of the Aare. The remarkable fountains in the city of Bern have also always inspired visitors with their stories and the cool drinking water that flows from the taps.

Be sure to take a bottle with you to fill up! Because what could be better than drinking fresh spring water during the tour?

What else was the river used for in the past, what are the stories behind the various fountains and what are the fountains on the Bundesplatz all about? No questions about water remain unanswered on this guided tour and even long-established Bernese citizens are guaranteed to experience a few aha moments.

Guided tours and language offers

Private tour
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1h 30min
  • CHF 300.00
German, French
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Maximum 20 people per group

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City Tours Bern
Bahnhofplatz 10a
3011 Bern

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