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Zeitreise im Schloss Laupen

Carefree package

Included in the price from 170 francs for two people:

  • Overnight stay in the castle room

  • Rich breakfast with regional and organic products from "Laupen unverpackt", the Lurtigen cheese dairy, local farmers, the Bärtschi bakery, the Claro shop and the castle's own apples

  • Welcome drink made from the castle's own spring water, sweetened with elderberry or raspberry syrup

  • Tea for the next day's journey

  • Organic bar

The carefree package also includes information on travelling to Laupen and the route map for the Laupen time loop.

The offer can also be booked for individuals. Information is available directly when booking. Book now

Laupen Castle

Hoch oben über dem «Stedtli» thront das geschichtsträchtige Schloss. Hier haben E-Biker:innen die Möglichkeit, im Schlosszimmer zu übernachten.

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Experience programme

On the Laupen time loop, time stands still or perhaps even passes more quickly: Either way, e-bikers are inspired along the route to consciously take time to explore the beautiful Laupen region.

First day: From Niederwangen to Laupen

The journey to Niederwangen on your own e-bike or one hired from Rent a Bike at Bern railway station (at the SBB luggage counter) only takes around ten minutes. The first adventure site of the Laupen Time Loop is located in the village centre. The route continues towards the Mädersforst adventure site, where e-bikers are invited to spend time on the bench next to the stele and learn more about Bernese-German words with a French flavour. Just before Laupen, the panoramic Chutze is a great place to stop for a break. Here, those with a thirst for knowledge can learn more about Anna Seiler, a wealthy young Bernese woman of the time.

Second day: From Laupen back to Niederwangen

After a restful night in Laupen and a fortifying breakfast, you continue on the Laupen time loop - along the River Sense - to the adventure centre in Neuenegg, where the Bernese Plateau is themed. If you get hungry, there are plenty of inns along the route with delicious menus made from local produce.

To the highlights of the Zeitschlaufe Laupen