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Two mountain bikers enjoy their tour on a panoramic trail in the Gantrisch Nature Park. A flower glows in the foreground, with majestic mountains stretching out behind it. The scene is characterised by joy and the splendour of spring.

Mountain Bike Trails in Bern

Published: 16.05.2024

It takes a lot of practise to become the next Jolanda Neff or Nino Schurter (Swiss MTB champions!). Luckily, there are plenty of different mountain bike trails in the City and Region of Bern for both aspiring pros and passionate amateur bikers.

Stockerechehr in Laupen

The varied mountain bike flow trail in the Laupen region: this 26-kilometre trail offers lots of variety for bikers of different skill levels. Almost 90 percent of the route are on natural paths. There are some challenging uphill and downhill sections, and the elevation gain – especially at the beginning to get up to Stockere – makes for quite the challenge. However, a wonderful single track up to the Ledifluh scenic point makes up for the initially steep climb. The view from there of the Bernese Alps, the federal city and the Gurten is fantastic. On the way back, further downhill and single track sections take you past barbecue areas and the historic Bramberg monument. The end of the route is back in Laupen.

The “Stockerechehr” has a unique origin: the trail was conceptualized and designed by a 9th grader.

Gantrisch Bike Panorama

The Gantrisch Bike Panorama trail is ideal for beginners and MTB cracks who want to take it easy for a change. There are only a few ascents and descents, so you’ll be able to take in the impressive panorama while biking. And the Gantrisch Nature Park offers plenty of trail variety, including lots of pressed forest paths and gravel paths. There are benches along the way that invite you to take a break and relax. Tip: stop at the Ottenleuebad restaurant and hotel for a quick break and take in the beautiful landscape.


A go-to trail for Bern’s mountain bike enthusiasts: From Wabern – which is 15 minutes by bike from the city centre – a funicular takes bikers who prefer downhill to uphill up to the top of the Gurten, Bern’s local mountain. From there, you can whizz back down the 300 meters of altitude on the two-kilometre trail. Its flowing lines, steep berms and jumps – up to 10 metres high – are all made of earth and smoothly integrated into to the terrain. Our tip, especially for muddy days: there is a bike wash station located at the end of the trail on parking deck three, available to all bikers free of charge.

Many bike trails are also used by hikers. To ensure safe interaction, we recommend studying these nine principles of behaviour before your bike trip.

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