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A group of people enjoy a cosy get-together at a "fiery cooking with chill food" event. The atmosphere is lively and cosy, characterised by relaxed conversations and the charm of the historical background.
The picture shows an outdoor evening event with the theme "Fiery cooking with chill food". Fire bowls light up the scene in front of a traditional house, while people move around in a relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the ambience.
Two chefs are hard at work at "Fiery Cooking with Chillfood", roasting meat and vegetables on open barrels. The scene is lively and fragrant, under the open sky and parasols that exude a sense of artisan cookery and indulgence.

Fiery cooking with Chillfood

A hot culinary experience in an unusual location (of your choice): Whether as a small team or in a large group - cooking together over a fire not only creates a campfire atmosphere, but also brings home-made delicacies to your plate.

Useful information

  • City of Bern
  • Canton of Bern

When quarries, riverbanks or even train tracks are turned into kitchens and delicious meals are cooked using only fire, embers and regional ingredients, "Chillfood" is most probably involved. Preparing a simple meal becomes an outdoor adventure and during this authentic experience, you are reminded that less is often more. Take a step back from the stress of everyday life, enjoy the small, simple things and just "chill".

Take on the role of a fire cook and prepare delicious meals from all over the world in unusual places and without using any electricity. This fiery adventure is fun, relaxing and great for teams, no matter the season or weather.

And the ingredients are just as unusual and exciting: sometimes it’s rare finds, sometimes simple delicacies from a nearby farm. The ingredients are carefully selected and then prepared fresh – flavour enhancers and convenience food are not welcome. Just focus on the basics. As we said: less is more.

Information & Prices

Fiery cooking with Chillfood
All year round
Meeting point
Open in Google Maps
Included services
Fire cooking infrastructure
Ingredients and dinner
Firewood and charcoal
Suggested location
Supervision by fire cooks
Number of participants
6 - 200
From CHF 80.00 for large groups (from 100 persons)
From CHF 100.00 for smaller groups
Year-round, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
City of Bern