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A Kambly baking event full of joie de vivre: a group of children, dressed in red aprons, eagerly decorate biscuits under the attentive guidance of a smiling chef in a white chef's hat. The joy of creative endeavour is palpable.
In Kambly's factory shop, two people with full shopping baskets carefully select from a variety of treats. The atmosphere is relaxed and cheerful, surrounded by a world of delicious sweets.
A Kambly train travels through a picturesque landscape while cows graze peacefully in the foreground. The scene conveys an idyllic tranquillity and the harmony of country life.

Kambly Experience

Just 35 minutes from Bern, the "Kambly Experience" immerses visitors in the history and world of Switzerland's favourite biscuit brand. The factory shop also attracts visitors with a tasting of 100 different types of biscuit.

Useful information

  • Emmental
  • Indoor
  • On land

The village of Trubschachen, nestled in the green hills of the Emmental, has been home to the famous Kambly biscuit factory since 1910. In the "Kambly Experience", young and old can discover the secrets of the art of biscuit making at interactive experience stations. You can look over the shoulders of the master confectioners at work and immerse yourself in the history of Switzerland's most popular biscuit manufacturer. The production trail leads from the railway station along the factory building to the "Kambly Experience". It focuses on the individual production steps with exciting facts. Baking events for children and adults are offered daily and can be booked in advance. Once you have secured your place, you can tie on an apron and bake your own biscuit creations together with the Kambly confectioners. Around 100 different Kambly specialities are available for free tasting in the factory shop. Admission is free and the "Kambly Experience" is open from Monday to Sunday. It can be easily reached by train from Bern in 35 minutes without changing trains.


Kambly Experience
Mühlestrasse 4
3555 Trubschachen

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