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Excursion along the water in Bern

Published: 27.05.2024

There is much more to discover in the federal capital than the UNESCO-listed Old Town. Especially in summer, this city walk along the waterfront invites you to make refreshing new discoveries.

Reitschule cultural centre

The centre itself is as diverse as the graffiti, art objects, plants and flags visible from afar. Skaters are whizzing around on the forecourt, unique items are sold at Switzerland's largest year-round flea market, the Dachstock provides dancing fans, the Great Hall hosts all kinds of events from exhibitions to parties, the Sous le Pont restaurant serves delicious food from all over the world and contemporary theatre takes place in the Tojo. If you like things "a little different", it's best to take a look inside.

Arrive comfortably by train and set off straight away. If you have any questions about the route or information about the day’s events, you can get tips at the tourist information centre in the station. And for those who want that Bern feeling from start to finish, you can buy the colourful Marzilian bathing sets there.

Continue over the Lorraine Bridge into the hip Lorraine quarter. After so many discoveries, it's time for some culinary refreshments. In the colourful restaurant "Falafingo" serves Anatolian dishes cooked from the heart. The Quartierladen "LOLA". Fresh and seasonal products are offered there. They are organic, often vegan, unpackaged and from organisations that help people with difficult or unusual backgrounds to start a career.


If you're looking to cool off, the next stop is the right one. Entry to the Lorrainebad is free, as is the case with all outdoor pools in the city of Bern, and it is the only riverside pool in the city apart from the Marzili. With its location away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the graffiti-covered walls, the wooden platform and the retro changing rooms, it has a cosy charm. There are two sunbathing lawns, a nudist area and - not to be forgotten - the legendary pool where the fish from the River Aare swim into the Lorrainebad via the slide. It is also rumoured that the chips in the buvette are the best in the whole city.

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The walk continues along the banks of the Aare, past the Botanical Gardens (a somewhat hidden, spray-painted entrance leads directly into the grounds. The rule here is: "keep your eyes open" for all plant lovers) to the popular summer bar "Trybhouz". Here you can sip refreshing drinks and enjoy light, regional dishes with a view of the River Aare.

From there, the ascent to Kornhausplatz begins. Visitors now find themselves in the centre of the UNESCO-listed Old Town. The arcades and the beautifully cool vaulted cellars with their many (small) shops invite you to go shopping. Who knows, maybe you'll find the outfit for your next festival here.

Of course, there are many more shopping gems in Bern's Old Town. Strolling through the charming alleyways, guests will pass the Zytglogge and the cathedral. Sufficient time should be planned for a visit inside or at least a souvenir photo.

Federal Square water feature

Another peculiarity awaits at the Bundesplatz in front of the Bundeshaus, the Swiss government building. Unlike in other capital cities, this square is a place to be and to socialise. The red chairs invite you to chill out in front of the 26 fountains - one for each Swiss canton. Incidentally, this water spectacle is perfect for refreshment in the centre of the city.

Something is still missing? Of course! What would a summer outing be without ice cream? Here's a selection of our favourite gelaterias in Bern. Once you have chosen your favourite ice cream, you should enjoy it in a nice place before it melts. The cathedral platform, for example, is a good place to do this, or if you are drawn back to the Aare, the Matte quarter, Bern's oldest district.

Café-Bar Turnhalle

The Café-Bar Turnhalle is the perfect place to round off an eventful day. It is a favourite place for the people of Bern to meet up for delicious and affordable food and drinks. In fact, the building used to be a real gymnasium. Now, instead of sports tests, there are concerts and parties inside. So calories are still burned, but always in a fun way.

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