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Excursion along the water in Burgdorf

Published: 28.05.2024

Anyone travelling to Burgdorf by train will recognise the castle perched high on the hill from afar. It's time to make a long stop to discover the historic walls and other gems of the little town.

Coffee break at the B5 Bistro

To get an overview and arrive comfortably, we recommend a first stop at the B5 Bistro. With their own coffee roastery, they offer the best cappuccini, "ä Bärner Schale" (coffee with milk) or an intense espresso. In addition to the local delicacies in the display case, there is a shop at the back with various products from the region. Perfect as a souvenir for those who stayed at home.

Strengthened, we take a walk through the town to the "Äntliteich" (duck pond). Here you could spend hours watching the cuddly ducks or simply holding your face in the sun.

Visit to the Museum Franz Gertsch

Just a few minutes' walk away is a world-renowned art museum - the Museum Franz Gertsch. In addition to changing exhibitions with a selection of works by Franz Gertsch, the museum also regularly presents guest exhibitions showcasing a variety of contemporary art. The interface between painting and photography is another focal point. Those interested in culture should definitely not miss this detour.

View from Burgdorf Castle

We continue up the hill. And with this view of the lower part of the old town, the effort in Nuh is gone. The view of the former craftsmen's quarter is unobstructed. Once you reach the castle, there are all sorts of things to discover. Old castle walls, the museum that tells the story of the castle, a charming, modern restaurant and the fabulous view of the Emme. Visitors have definitely earned an ice cream in the inner courtyard after the climb. Insider tip: there is a youth hostel here. So if you want to stay longer, you should definitely check into this unique location - wallet-friendly, of course.

Stroll through the old town

Afterwards, take a stroll through the old town, past various historic fountains: from Kronenplatz, you can take a leisurely stroll through the alleyways. Before visitors lose themselves in the charm of the pretty houses and shops, there is one more special tip: The roof terrace of the Hotel Orchidee.

Invitingly laid tables on the roof terrace of the Hotel Orchidee Burgdorf during a picturesque sunset, promising a romantic and peaceful atmosphere for an al fresco dinner.

The roof terrace of the Hotel Orchidee.

As friendly as the guests are greeted here, the view of the castle and the surrounding mountains can be enjoyed in a cosy atmosphere (tip: order the house iced tea!)

Continue through the old town - perhaps with a stop at ‘Style and Home’ or for growling stomachs at the ‘Spanische Weinhalle’ - and you will find the ‘Fuchs und Specht’ on your left. This hip eatery is a shop and hairdressing salon during the day and transforms into a lively restaurant at the end of the day. Rumour has it that this is one of the Burgdorf locals' favourite places to eat.

Picnic by the river Emme

Another highlight in Burgdorf is the Emme. So now it's over the bridge, past the scout house in the forest, to the stone bank of the river. If you like, you can linger here, enjoy a picnic of the treats you bought earlier and dip your feet in the cool water.

After all that exploring, it's time to rest your legs. Burgdorf has THE place for this: the Schützenmatte - on nice days, the whole of Burgdorf gathers on this meadow. And if you'd rather stop for a bite to eat than have a picnic, you should order a freshly tapped Burgdorf beer from the Schützenhaus restaurant. Because this beer has a real tradition. It has not only been popular with large sections of the population since 1871, but was also shipped all over the world for a while.

Now, enough of feasting and relaxing, we move on to the Lower Old Town. Similar to the Matte neighbourhood in Bern, skippers, tanners, hangmen and the like used to live here close to the river so that the traders had easy access to the workshops. It was the same here in Burgdorf. There is a very special atmosphere in this area. A stroll along the trade canals should definitely be on your daily agenda.

The Luginbühl Museum is located in one of the imposing buildings. Call in advance for the tours - these are only available by appointment.

Conclusion in the Stadtcafé

Before the tour ends and the train journey home begins, the impressions can be savoured in the Stadtcafé. Right next to one of the historic commercial canals, the Mülibach, there is a small but very fine selection of menus for the hungry and refreshing drinks. Perfect for rounding off a beautiful city tour with a smile.